Custom Timber Frame Barn Homes

Custom timber frame barn homes are becoming more and more popular as people embrace the beauty and simplicity of such structures. Timber frame barn homes are a designer’s dream come true: they are relatively cost-effective to build, they are versatile, and they are more environmentally friendly to build. Though unknown to most people, a timber frame building releases less CO2 compared to the levels of CO2 released during the construction of a traditional brick building. And, you can also opt to have the timber ethically harvested by replanting the equivalent number of trees that was cut down.

When planning to build a timber frame house, consider these important factors:

  • Type of Wood: choose wood that is naturally resistant to rot and insect infestation.
  • Flexibility of Wood: the more flexible the wood, the more able it will be to withstand earthquakes and
    high winds.
  • Checking and Twisting: some species of wood are less prone to checking (splitting) and twisting.
  • Sustainability: ensure that trees will be planted to offset the wood harvest for construction.
  • Fresh Cut or Reclaimed Wood?: Reclaimed wood has the advantage of being already dry and stable; it is less prone to twist and split.

Typical species of wood used for timber home construction include white pine, red & white oak, Douglas fir, cypress, and cedar

Kevin and Vivian Szczepankowski

Vivian Szczepankowski is an interior designer who specializes in the art of Feng Shui. Kevin Szczepankowski is a design engineering technologist with a minor degree in mathematics and computer science. He is a skilled draftsman who can generate construction documents. He also coordinates builders, craftsment and technicians. Together, Vivian and Kevin make a complementary team that facilitates timber frame home construction. Please call House Arte for free consultation on your custom timber frame barn home: (916) 521-3263. You can also send email to House Arte. House Arte serves Sacramento, CA and the Lake Ozark area, MO.

Custom Timber Frame Barn Homes

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