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For many people, the bathroom is the one room where they can enter, lock the door, and have some undisturbed private time. Because of this, your bathroom should be designed to match your exact needs. Some houses are blessed with large bathrooms which allow for exquisite and opulent design concepts – these mansions are a designer’s dream come true! However, most bathrooms are moderate or small in size and a designer has to work within strict space and budget limitations. It is with these smaller bath remodeling projects that a designer shows his or her best work: the ability to find creative solutions to make a small space feel and look wonderful, and still have all the features of a full sized bathroom. Bathrooms have many structural components which need to be incorporated; these include light fixtures, sink, shower, bath tub, toilet, cabinets, vanity, and more. Each component needs to be arranged for aesthetic beauty and maximal functionality. At House Arte, we specialize in bathroom designs Sacramento, California.

Creative and Functional Bath Designs

Vivian Szczepankowski is an interior designer specializing in the Chinese art of Feng Shui. Her goal is to design a bathroom that is aesthetically pleasing and has enough storage space to make it functional. Whether it is a cozy bachelor suite, a his and her bathroom set, or a palatial bath design, she can find the perfect remodeling solutions for your needs. Her use of computer software to create 3D models will allow you to “see” how your bathroom will appear after it is completed.

Kevin Szczepankowski is a design engineering technologist with specialization in computer science and mathematics. His qualifications allow him to capture your design ideas and draft construction documents which specify to your builder what you want. Kevin coordinates with builders and craftsman to ensure that your bathroom designs Sacramento concepts are realized in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Together, Vivian and Kevin make a dynamic team which unites artistic creativity with analytical accuracy. Like Yin and Yan, Vivian and Kevin make an effective design firm which caters to your bath, kitchen, & home projects. Please call for our bathroom designs Sacramento services: (916) 521-3263. You can also send your ideas by email to House Arte.

bathroom designs Sacramento

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