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For some families, the kitchen is the most important room in the house because it is where family and friends congregate to eat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. Being the hub of activity, you want your kitchen to be perfect. You want it to look good and be functional: it should be easy to navigate with lots of storage space so you can minimize clutter. At House Arte, we specialize in kitchen designs Sacramento, California.

The Best of East and West in Kitchen Design

Vivian Szczepankowski is an accomplished designer who can create your kitchen so that it pleasing to the eye and allows for easy movement and flow. Using Feng Shui ideology she can arrange your kitchen so that it promotes health and well-being. Every room has natural forces and understanding them allows her to enhance or minimize its effect on you and your life.

Kevin Szczepankowski is a design engineering technologist with a minor degree in mathematics and computer science. He is a skilled draftsman and can delineate house plans and all the construction documents needed for permitting. Kevin also coordinates with technicians, builders, and craftsmen to ensure that your kitchen designs Sacramento concepts are realized in a timely manner.

Together, Vivian and Kevin make a complementary team that unites the best of old world ideas with new world technology. Like Yin and Yan, sun and moon, Vivian and Kevin make an effective design company which can accommodate your specific kitchen design needs. Please call us for complimentary consultation on your kitchen designs Sacramento projects: (916) 521-3263. You can also send our ideas by email to House Arte. Read more about how placement of home decor can affect your health and outlook on life.

kitchen designs Sacramento

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