CAD Services Lake Ozark Area

Homeowners in the Lake Ozark area enjoy upgrading their homes by initiating renovation projects and home additions. Generally, simple changes do not need the services of a licensed architect but such projects may have better outcomes if you recruit the efforts of a non-licensed designer/drafter such as Kevin Szczepankowski. Kevin is a design engineering technologist and professional draftsman offering CAD services Lake Ozark, MO.

CAD is the acronym for Computer Assisted Drafting.

What is CAD Services For?

Professionally Done Documents: It would be unwise to have your renovation or home addition project scribbled on a sheet of scrap paper. Blueprints are the construction documents used by builders and craftsmen so it would be wise to have your house plans drawn up by a professional. There will be fewer errors (and delays) if the details, dimensions, and materials are clearly stated in official documents. Properly drawn blueprints allow your home project to be completed successfully and in a timely manner. CAD services produce industry-standard drafts that allow designers, builders, and contractors to all be “on the same page”.

Reasonably Priced: Licensed architect services can be costly; in contrast, professional drafters are more affordable.  Small home projects would do well with the help of a non-licensed professional drafter like Kevin Szczepankowski. He is a knowledgeable designer/drafter who can produce the plans at a reasonable price – why pay more when you don’t have to? Kevin and his team of engineering professionals will inspect your home for structural safety and integrity and generate house plans which will be approved and stamped by a licensed structural engineer.

After the Fact Drafting Services: Some homeowners do construction work on their house by themselves. Although this is admirable, this could also get them in trouble. Some home projects require permits and if they have no permits, they could be fined. Unfortunately, they may be asked to remove the structure because it is non-permitted work. Kevin can solve this problem by making a draft after the project is complete. If he can show that the structure is safe and made according to regulations and safety codes, then non-compliance issues may be avoided. Similarly, if you own a house that has work done on it but you don’t have the blueprints, Kevin can create them for you “after the fact”.

Kevin offers CAD services for: floors, roof, foundation, framing, shearwall plans, and more. Please contact Kevin by email or call (916) 521-3263 for CAD Services Lake Ozark, MO.

CAD Services Lake Ozark Area

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