House Plans Lake Ozark Area

House Arte offers house plans Lake Ozark area in Missouri. Kevin Szczepankowski is a mathematician, a computer scientist, and a design engineering technologist, he can create house plans for homes of all sizes. Call for a complimentary consultation (916) 521-3263.

A house plan or a blueprint is a set of construction drawings that show the details of how a house is to be built. The house plan drawings contain detailed instructions concerning dimensions, materials, layouts, and methods of installation.  Construction workers consult the house plans throughout the building process so as to stay on course.  House plans are necessary for new construction projects; however, house plans are also important in renovations and additions.  A house plan often comes as a set with each sheet devoted to one aspect of the project. For example, a house plan might include these pages:

  • Foundation Plan: shows details of the house’s foundation such as slab, crawl space, and basement.
  • Floor Plan(s): top view showing the layout of rooms, walls, and location of doors & windows.
  • Roof Plan: specifies details such as slope of roof, chimneys, valleys, ridges, decorative elements, and materials to be used.
  • Exterior Elevation: shows the surrounding landscape and materials to be used for the exterior of the house.
  • Cross Section: a cut-away view of the house which shows the dimensions of the spaces from ground to roof.
  • Electrical Plan: the location of light fixtures, switches, and outlets are shown.
  • Construction Notes and Details: all other details that may be useful for the construction of the house is included here.

House Arte specializes in creating custom house plans based on the client’s specifications. Please bring your perfect home concepts and we will solidify the ideas with a custom house plan. Email or call House Arte at (916) 521-3263 for house plans Lake Ozark, MO.

House Plans Lake Ozark Area

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