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Architectural design is the process of creating a structure that takes into consideration the elements, the space, the flow, and the functionality of the project. For example, if one was to build a house, an architectural designer would create a house that includes what the house is for, the amount of space available, what elements exist, and how these factors can meld together to achieve a coherent, safe, and aesthetically pleasing structure that serves its intended purpose. It is a mouthful to be sure. However, the architectural design process can be divided into parts to make it more manageable.

Schematic Design
The first part of architectural design is to create the schematics: these are drawings which include the information supplied by the client: overall style, number of stories/rooms and how they relate to one another; the presence of outdoor living areas; and the general feel of the space. Drawings can be hand sketches or computers assisted designs (CAD). Interaction and feedback between the architectural designer and the client is necessary. Often, more than one design is presented for approval.

Design Development
Once the client chooses a schematic design, the process enters the development stage where the details are filled in to bring the project to life. The indoor layout is completed with details on window/door placement. Outdoor spaces are fully designed with elements in place. Budget and materials will be discussed. Changes and clarifications need to be addressed in this phase before construction begins.

Construction Documents

Construction documents will be given to the contractor and builders and, as such, will need to have all necessary information. Typical details include materials, finishes, fixtures, equipment, appliances, dimensions, and any other details or notes as necessary. The construction document is the blueprint from which the structure will be built – it is detailed and comprehensive.

As an architectural designer in the Lake Ozark area, Kevin Szozepankowski and the House Arte team will communicate with you in every step of the way to design the home of your dreams. Email or call House Arte at (916) 521-3263 for architectural design Lake Ozark area.

Architectural Design Lake Ozark

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