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Feng Shui, in its original form, is the philosophy of harmonizing oneself with the surrounding environment. Among other things, Feng Shui was used to orient buildings so that they were positioned in an auspicious manner. The position was often based on the location of nearby bodies of water (lakes or streams), the location of the sun (sunrise & sunset), and the position of the stars (compass direction).

In modern times, Feng Shui can be summarized as the “art of placement” which maximizes the flow of energy (called chi or qi). Practitioners often apprentice with a Feng Shui expert to gain experience and understanding of Feng Shui ideology. There are books and many online resources which will give you basic guidelines as to what should and shouldn’t be done. However every dwelling is different and it takes an experienced practitioner to see the whole picture and integrate the nuances of the feng shui philosophy. For example, a book may instruct you how to orient your home to maximize wealth; however, such a move may cause a drain in health. A more agreeable strategy would be to position the home office for financial success and orient the rest of the house for a balanced lifestyle.

Feng Shui : “Wind and Water”

Vivian Szczepankowski has been practicing Feng Shui House Sacramento ideology since 1999. She has advised clients on how to position and design their homes to maximize the flow of chi (life energy). Sometimes a simple act such as moving a vase or picture can cause a world of difference to your health, outlook, and relationships. Call Vivian at House Arte for Feng Shui House Sacramento consultation services: (916) 521-3263. Or contact her online.

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