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A simple description of Feng Shui is the creation of harmony between yourself and your surrounding environment. A practical way to achieve this is to position buildings so that they are oriented in an auspicious or favorable manner. The orientation of buildings usually takes into consideration the presence of water (ponds. lakes, streams), and the positioning of the sun and stars (sunrise, sunset, cardinal direction).

In the west, Feng Shui is often referred to as the “art of placement” where elements are placed to maximize the flow of energy (called chi or qi). Feng Shui practitioners usually apprentice with a Feng Shui expert to gain experience and have a deeper understanding of the Feng Shui ideology. There are many online articles and published books that can give you the basic guidelines as to what is “good” or “bad”. However, a book can never replace an experienced practitioner.  Every home is unique and takes an expert to see the bigger picture and combine the nuances of the feng shui philosophy. For example, a book may give instructions to position home elements to maximize financial success; however, this may inadvertently cause a drain in health. A better strategy would be to position the work area for financial success and position the rest of the house for work/life balance.

Feng Shui : “Wind and Water”

Vivian Szczepankowski has been practicing Feng Shui since 1999. She is the one to call if you want advice on how to design your home to maximize the flow of chi (life energy). Sometimes a simple change such as the placement of a vase or the orientation of a picture can affect your health, outlook, and relationships. Call Vivian at House Arte for Feng Shui House Lake Ozark consultation services: (916) 521-3263. Or contact her online.

Feng Shui House Lake Ozark Area

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